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This site covers aviation, naval matters, civil history and will be as in depth as it is possible to make them and as accurate an account as is possible.

The information here is for entertainment, to pass the time of day or to pick up a relatively unknown gem of history and bring some of the past alive. 

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HMS Gloucester 1909- 1921

HMS Gloucester 1937- 1941

HMS Gloucester 1982- 2011



The story of Britains First Generation jets from the Gloster E28/39 through to the magnificent de Havilland Sea Vixen
A book of firsts, of promise, of discovery and bravery illustrated with over 140 photographs - many of which have never been published


Serve to Save documents the history of the South African Air Force maritime unit from 1939 to 1986. This is the only definitive record of this service that saved many lives throughout the war and after and was the
 forerunner of the now essential NSRI service

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'Gloucestershire Airport - Through Time', charts the history of the Staverton site from the very earliest aeronautical activities right up to the present day. 

Proceeds from the sale of the 96-page book will help to preserve its history further.  All royalties and proceeds from purchases made at the Jet Age Museum will be donated to the museum's funds.

Airport operations director, Darren Lewington, said: - "This publication is a great keepsake from a visit to the museum and airport, as the photographs give the visitor a sense of the importance of Gloucestershire Airport and its rich heritage."

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